Clare Lee

Hi I'm Clare,

A full time Mummy to my beautiful 2 babies R & S (toddlers/ infants) a carer to my eldest who was diagnosed with Autism in June 2015.

My kiddies are my world and I'm lucky enough to see them both grow up each day. It goes without saying whilst it's a luxury to stay at home and nurture 2 little human beings it's without a shadow of doubt the most hardest, tiring and yet rewarding role ever!

I've working in bars, restaurants, retail, hairdressing, nursing homes, call centres, you name it! Whilst at the time you think you're tired, even exhausted. Nothing can prepare you for Motherhood.

The job is full time, day and night, rain or shine, sleep or sleepless and no pay! But what you receive back you cannot put a price on...unconditional love.

I hope you will go and have a look and leave me a comment with your thoughts?



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