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We are a Family from the East Midlands in the UK with Four Girls. We are Rachael ( mum) , Tony (Dad), Abbie (17) , Alex (14) Izzie ( 9) and also a grown up Daughter. We have 2 pets, Blue our loveable Border Terrier and Mog our demanding Black cat!! We also have a canine lodger for much of the time in the form of our grown up Daughter's Chihuahua Simba who is a real character!!

We decided to start vlogging as I am rarely to be seen in any of our home videos or photos due to me being the one always behind the camera !!! By vlogging I get to be in them too !!!!

It is also a great opportunity for us all to learn something new together. I am currently being taught how to edit videos by Abbie and Alex !!!!!

We upload daily at 5.30pm, so join us to see what a busy family of 5 get up to!

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