Hi i'm Sophie an almost thirty year old Mum of one living in the glorious city of Manchester in the UK.

This is my channel Soph-obsessed which is based around my life including family, being a mum, parenting, losing weight, beauty makeup, holidays and shopping. I'm pretty much an average Joe! I like to think i'm relatable on some level as life can be really freaking hard sometimes!! If you're looking for a mum to put a pretty bow on everything, sadly that's not me! I'm real and raw and well just me really.

I'm married to a wonderful man who is my absolute best friend and soulmate. We get on each others nerves like all married couples do but I really love him with all my heart! We have a five year-old little boy called Henry and two fur babies - an Olde English Bulldog named Roly and a French Bulldog puppy called Stitch!

I'm PR friendly and as long as it fits with my morals and brand I would consider any opportunity please contact me on:


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