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YouTube Playlists:
1. Maths and Engineering lessons
2. Young engineers' Corner - Engineering Arts and crafts for children
3. Get Your Hands Dirty! - showing women can change a car wheel and more!
4. Mommy Diaries - Showing an engineer can be a mommy, fashionista, beauty vlogger and anything else she chooses to be!
? My Background ?
Reharna has achieved a High Upper Class 2:1 & Distinction in MSc Mechanical Engineering. Masters Project Title: 'Design and Manufacture of a 3D Printed Prosthetic Hand WITH Improved Thumb Kinematics Using Homemade 3D Printer'

In 2015, she graduated with a High Upper Class 2:1 & Distinction from Kingston University in BEng Aerospace Engineering with Astronautics and Space Technology. Dissertation Title: 'Backup Propulsion System for All-Electric Satellites'


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