That Williams Way

Oh hey! Welcome to the family. Take a seat and grab a duvet! We are the Williams family and we thought it was about time we documented every day life for us and you. Join us on our many adventures or even just average days at home, theres always something going on that shouldn't be!

As a parent with Multiple sclerosis, life isn't always normal, it can get hard and it can change in an instant. We intend to show the highs and lows of family life with MS.

Family life is never average, but one thing it can be is hard, fun, crap, amazing, rewarding, tiring, draining, fabulous, well what I am saying is, it is all the things. All of the things and emotions rolled up into one semi functional family.

Come on, there is no such thing as normal. Right?!

Anyway, please join us on this crazy adventures as we open up our lives to share with you. I can't promise it will always bee peachy, but I can promise it will be honest and open.


Videos by That Williams Way