A Childminding Mummy

Hi everyone, i am a mum of 2 and a childminder to 17 in the UK.

My son is 4, and my daughter is under 1, i have a fiance and a super fluffy dog called Bailey, so some exciting times ahead. I wanted to make this channel not only to help others but for something i could look back on in years to come and remember all the lovely memories.

I have recently been given OUTSTANDING by Ofsted and would love to show you different hints and tips on what i do on a day to day basis to achieve this.

I have been co-childminder with my mum since 2011, we have recently brought in a new assistant who happens to be my best friend of 10 years. We like to class ourselves as a home from home childminding setting and added a playroom onto the back of my house to achieve this.

First 100 subs - 8/11/16
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1000 subs - 3/7/17
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