Charlotte Louise Taylor

Hi, I’m Charlotte and I am mum to three gorgeous kids (I am biased, what can I say?) - Bill (6), Daisy (2) and Stanley who was born in March 2018. I am lucky enough to call YouTube my job, and I share my life and my loves over on my channel. We live in Cheshire, with Mark (that bloke of mine) in the North West of England, where it is mainly a bit cold, but full of lovely people.

I find motherhood amazing - amazingly fun, amazingly beautiful, amazingly exhausting, amazingly hard. But amazing all the same. There's also a lot more to me than nappies and school homework though, and I'm a huge fan of sharing what makes me 'Charlotte' too.

I’ve been through a surprise baby, single motherhood, coparenting, having a baby in special care. But I’ve also had moments where I feel like I’ve nailed it (until I step on a piece of Lego).

I make videos, and share our lives because it encourages me to capture our memories, and I also want to show that every mother has a story.


Videos by Charlotte Louise Taylor