Lauren Hampshire: Chatty Mum

Hi, I’m Lauren Hampshire, although due to sleep deprivation there are often times I forget my own name!!! I have two children, five-year-old Sophia and two-year-old Sienna. I’ve recently set up my own business - ahh!!! It’s a breastfeeding T-shirt company called The Milky Tee Company ( I absolutely love thinking of baby names and I share a number of baby names videos on my channel. As well as baby names vids, I make style and beauty vlogs as well as haul videos. I love being a mum and feel very blessed, especially as it took us a while to have our second child, but I most certainly haven't found my parenthood journey easy... and I must admit there are times I think “can I just take a wee holiday from all this parenting malarkey?!!” I started vlogging to share my experiences and also to connect with other parents and get some advice. I am very honest - probably too much so!! But I've always been an open book and am always happy to answer any questions (within reason!!).


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