Pop Rocks Mama

I'm a mum to two beautiful girls, Siena and Alba. On my channel you'll find everything from lifestyle, fashion, home decor and interiors, cleaning tips, organisation and all things baby and parenting.

I have an amazingly supportive partner named Steve, who, although he hates being in vlogs, supports me in everything I do and he just makes me go weak at the knees, he's my lobster!

I was diagnosed with MS in 2017 and although it has changed my life, I love being able to share my story and spread positivity and demystify my condition.

I work in Admin in the real world but I also work as a vlogger, blogger and digital influencer and my dream is to do this full time - here's to hoping!

So if you want to join me on this little journey then please do subscribe because I would love to see you again.


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