Saucepan Kids is an award-winning family food and travel website set up by Debbie Woodward and her family in 2012.

Our blog is about inspiring parents and children through our family’s journey around the exciting world of food and travel.

At the heart of our philosophy is the unwavering belief that a child who understands and appreciates the world and its food will live a happy, fulfilled and healthy life.

When travelling we believe that immersing ourselves in the local culture is the key to understanding and appreciating a country or city and a key part of this is its food. Therefore when travelling we focus on the local food as well as sights, history and general tips and planning.

We have recently travelled in France, Italy, the UK and closer to home in Ireland working with travel companies, local tourist offices and food providers. We are also currently planning further visits to these locations and more including Spain and the USA.


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