You Are Not Alone – Mums Mental Health Quiz

How are you feeling? When was the last time you answered that question honestly? This quiz might help you think it through and help you come up with an answer. The key is to be honest and then to accept that it is OK to not be OK. There is no right or wrong score and crucially, there is help available to help you feel better. You are not alone. We have lots of help, advice and support for you and you can start by sharing your quiz results here.


Always chat to a doctor in the first instance if you’re worried about your score today. You might also want to also take a look at our You Are Not Alone Mums Mental Health Course of six videos and accompanying podcasts. Emma Kenny our Psychologist in residence has devised this easy to complete course. You need around 5 minutes a day and we promise it will make a real difference.

You may also find it helpful to pop in to our online support group where we have trained Parent Helpers working alongside Emma Kenny (psychologist-in-residence) and Maggie Fisher (health visitor in-residence) to give you expert advice and support as well as other mums who are going through the same things as you. Remember you are not alone. We’ve been there and know just how you’re feeling.

If you've ever had frightening thoughts, read our latest report on mums mental health.

Remember you are not alone. We've been there and know just how you're feeling.